"NECC 2.0:" The Conference within a Conference. A "Fringe" Festival for NECC. Three days collaboratively created and scheduled by the participants, held in the open "lounge" areas.

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  • "Vox Populi" for voting for sessions.
    • Some kind of voting and commenting system for sessions?
  • Meet-ups for specific groups
  • UStream presentations OR use Elluminate for all of the sessions (need to get another Elluminate room or two)!!
  • Steve Hargadon schedule in NECC LIVE interviews?
  • Greeters?
  • Tweetfest? Tweetup?
  • Do we want to do evening sessions?
  • Can we stay in the same venue in the evenings?
  • Do we need projectors / mics / sound speakers?
  • A greeter program! (Jen Wagner is the first volunteer...:)

Types of Sessions:

  • BOF: "Birds of a Feather." Scheduled by NECC--please do not move or alter.
  • SD: "Speed Demos." A lightning round of 5 minute (max) demonstrations of Web 2.0 programs or uses, with 2 minute changeovers
  • ST: "Short Talks." 7 minute talks, with 3 minute changeovers. Kind of like TED Talks, but ED Talks. :) A "Salon de Refuses" opportunity if you got formally turned down for a NECC session, or a chance to bring up new or innovative topics. Now you can say you presented at NECC. :)
  • FD: "Facilitated Discussions." Join a group discussion with volunteer facilitators. Propose a discussion by actually putting it in the schedule. If you'd rather do something else at the same time as another discussion, schedule a concurrent one in another "lounge."
  • Panel: "Panel Discussion." Find some folks who want to create a panel discussion, find a moderator, and put yourselves in the schedule.
  • SS: "Success Stories." Bring your success stories to these sessions, for both showcase and discussion. 30-minute discussions of what has worked, around specific topics, e.g., "Blogging with young students."
  • Daily Wrap Ups


Please start by scheduling events in the Bloggers Cafe first, then across to other "lounges" at the times in the Bloggers Cafe are no longer available, unless your topic is more suited to another Lounge topic.

Saturday, June 28

9:00am - 5:00 pm
EduBloggerCon 2008 / Classroom 2.0 LIVE

Sunday, June 29

2008 Constructivist Celebration

The three-day schedule is located on the ISTE wiki at http://plannecc2008.iste.wikispaces.net/Bloggers+Cafe